Little Aston: Key Objectives

Little Aston Neighbourhood Plan                Guiding Principles/Draft Vision


To build on the Guiding Principles and Draft Vision set out in the Lichfield District Rural Planning Project Report of September 2011 and use these as the basis for developing the Neighbourhood Plan. It is felt that these are still very relevant and pertinent today and provide an excellent starting point – rather than reinventing the wheel.


The full report is accessible at but for ease of reference the Guiding Principles on Page 21 and the Draft Vision on page 22 are: -

Guiding Principles


  • Maintain and enhance the present environmental quality of Little Aston including the sylvan and leafy character of the Conservation area.
  • Continue to manage development densities within the Little Aston policy area.
  • Maintain the architectural quality of the area in any new built development, recognising the wide variety of individual architectural styles and variations in the grain of development that exits across Little Aston.
  • Maintain and renew the wooded character of the are by management of the existing tree cover and securing replanting where possible to reduce the dominance of mature of over-mature trees in favour of more young and semi mature trees.
  • Improve the environmental quality along main route through Little Aston by traffic management measures to control in particular the speed of traffic and improving pedestrian and cycling facilities. (potentially including measures such as reduced speed limits and pedestrian crossing points).
  • Secure an improved quality of access to the countryside where deficiencies exist and in co-operation with others seek opportunities to create additional recreational footpath routes.
  • Protect important open spaces and views into and out of Little Aston.


  • Enhance the range of facilities available to residents, in particular those for children, including access to play facilities.
  • Seek to concentrate improved social and recreational facilities, particularly for open recreation, on land north of Little Aston Lane adjacent to the existing recreation area.
  • Renew or improve community hall facilities to meet local requirements.
  • Seek opportunities to improve local bus services and facilities, including in particular bus access to Blake Street station and additional bus stops.


  • Ensure the achievement of a high quality design in any housing.


  • Maintain the local shopping centres, ensuring that they continue to provide a range of convenience and other retail needs that provide for the everyday needs of local people.

Draft Vision

  • Little Aston will maintain its role as a distinct and stable community offering a high quality local living environment and a range of local services and facilities. The essential qualities of the Conservation Area will be recognised in all potential change. Improvements to the Conservation Area will be made where resources allow, in particular to maintain and renew tree cover and to achieve a more cohesive and integrated physical environment.
  • The range of shops, services and facilities will be maintained and enhanced with a higher priority given to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Community recreation, social and play facilities will be renewed to be of a physical form, distribution and quality appropriate to current needs.
  • New housing development in Little Aston should be limited to the replacement of existing properties within the limits of the settlement and infill development at densities appropriate to the character of the area.