Shenstone Community Survey

The design of our plan must reflect the views of our community. To date we have been able to narrow down the main priorities (outcomes from previous engagement sessions) which have been identified within a questionaire. This document will be issued to all households witihin our boundary early January, to enable all residents to have a say in the future of our village.

Below we have put together an overview, outlining the story so far and the next phase of our community engagement.

This survey is your chance to have a say in the future of your village, so please complete and return the survey in the pre-paid envelope. Surveys can be completed by all residents aged 16 or over. Should you require further forms you can download from web site below.

Alternatively, the survey can be completed online at

Completed surveys must be returned by FRIDAY 31st JANUARY 2014

Neighbourhood Plan timeline

The Working Groups have been working very hard. Your responses to this survey will help to shape the options for the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. We intend to present options for the Neighbourhood Plan to you at an event on Tuesday 18th March 2014. Look out for details nearer the time. Following this, we will be in a position to start to put the draft Neighbourhood Plan together, with the aim to get it completed during Summer 2014.

Shenstone_Neighbourhood_Plan_ Story so far[1]

 It is important to stress that this is one part of a wider range of evidence-gathering methods. The results from this survey WILL NOT be used in isolation to determine the potential locations for housing in the Neighbourhood Plan. At this stage, it is simply to gather an idea of the community’s view of, amongst other things, possible locations. We will be undertaking further, more detailed community engagement on housing options once we have gathered further evidence. In addition, once we have drafted the Neighbourhood Plan, there will be two formal rounds of consultation where the community will have the opportunity to make comments and, at the very end of the process, a referendum on the plan. 


Survey results

Below we have provide the overall summary resluts of the main questions together with the sub question answers (uncut so you can see what the community really thinks)


Sub question answers

We have taken the opportunity, to provide all answers specific to questions 18 & 19

Shenstone_Results_Page 19

Shenstone_Results_page 18

Housing Questions, Development Location options for Engagement_results

Housing Questions, Green Belt erosion_Engagement_results