Why Develop a Neighbourhood Plan?

Two reasons:-

1)    The last parish plan was issued in 2007 in the form of a booklet that described 5 key topics, with no concise plan of action.

  1. It is time to plan for our future, Shenstone, Little Aston and Stonnall need to develop a document based upon the needs of their community
  2. Develop a plan of action specific to a range of key objectives raised through consultation, and engagement with the community
  3. Describe how we will deliver improvements and change with time lines and responsibility
  4. This will allow us to manage the precept and plan for future developments, rather than reactive requirements
  5. It will allow the working groups the opportunity to plan with the council, understanding how they can play a part in wider community activities
  6. It will allow us to structure our requirements to varying service requirements, which dovetail into governments new regulations

2)   The Localism Bill is now legislation passed by parliament. It is a Bill that sets out to enable local councils make local decisions.

  1. General Power of Competence
  2. Local accountability – to be defined by the Bill
  3. Giving power to local residents to instigate local referendums
  4. New powers to help safe guard local facilities and services
  5. It will cover housing and planning requirements
  6. Community assets

How will it help?

The Neighbourhood Plan once approved and voted for by referendum, will provide a structured document with real meaning and deliverable benefits to the community.

It will outline key objectives with a time line based upon the needs of the community.

Generate awareness with the community and encourage greater public involvement.

Allow for future funding of projects, within the precept

What will it deliver?

Consultation and engagement with the community

A robust picture of the needs of our community

A structured document with plan and action points for the future

Support funding; backed up by the results of the public consultation

A sense of belief from the community

Lichfield District Council

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