Shenstone: Key Objectives

We have now commenced the process to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan for our village and community.

The big question asked of us is – What should the vision be?

In conjunction with Navigus Plannning and Chris Bowden’s guidance we need to develop a paper version of the vision contained in the Lichfield Local Plan for discussion/debate:

Lichfield Plan Outline for Shenstone



“The high quality living environment and ambiance of Shenstone will be maintained and enhanced by particular emphasis on good design quality in development, continued environmental enhancement in the Conservation Area and careful traffic management. Shenstone will remain a compact, safe, healthy and stable community, functioning as a local service centre offering a range of good quality services and facilities for the village and its hinterland. There will continue to be excellent transport connections to nearby towns. Opportunities will be sought to improve links to open space in the south of the village.

The impact of traffic within the village will be reduced and controlled to acceptable limits, and improved links for pedestrians and cyclists will be sought.

The vital contribution made to the character of the village by the Conservation Area, and range of trees which contribute to the heavily wooded nature of the centre of the village will be recognised through continued protection and enhancement.

Shenstone will accommodate a proportionate level of village growth which reflects the existing character and qualities of the village and which addresses local need, whilst maintaining a self-contained community with clear physical boundaries.”

This process is now well and truly started. We have had our first engagement session (document attached within community engagement) and formed our working groups, who have put forward the following working groups, based upon the key issues that need to be developed.

  • Housing
  • Community
  • Environment & Transport
  • Commerce

As we get further into this process we will share with you our ideas through the various engagement sessions, working parties and open meetings to enable you all to be part of our future.